Kairosoft – Best Simulation Game Developers of Mobile Gaming

Kairosoft CO., Ltd. is a Japanese video game developer located in Tokyo, and they mainly develop games for the iOS and Android (they also have PC games). Kairosoft was founded in 1996, but wasn’t big in the mobile gaming industry until 2010 with the release of their first mobile game, Game Dev Story, to the iOS and Android. Most of their games are “pay once and play”, though they do have several games that are free with in-app purchases.

Kairosoft games are a great way to pass the time. The list below are five of my favorite Kairosoft games, ones that I constantly restart to try and incorporate new strategies and do better in.

5. Sushi Spinnery – $4.99, iOS/Android

Sushi Spinnery allows you to run your own revolving sushi bar. Unlock many different types of ingredients and make your best sushi. Compete with in-game competitors to see who made the better meal. Work your way up from a start-up sushi place to an upscale 5-star sushi restaurant.

4. Cafeteria Nipponica – $4.99, iOS/Android

Cafeteria Nipponica, like Sushi Spinnery, has you running your own restaurant. Unlike the sushi sim, you’re able to personalize your menu, and the food selections cover a wide range of tastebuds – from omelettes and pizza to ice cream topped in gold and a Kaiseki Cuisine. You’ll also be given a chance to run multiple restaurants. Find ingredients, unlock recipes, train your staff, and work your way up from a basic eatery to a luxurious restaurant.

3. World Cruise Story – $4.99, iOS/Android

Set sail with World Cruise Story and run your own cruise liner. Upgrade the size of your ship and unlock different buildings by visiting different countries in the Kairo world. Provide your guest with comfortable staterooms and entertaining amenities and make your cruise liner the most luxurious ship on the sea.

2. Pocket Academy – $4.99, iOS/Android

Who hasn’t dreamed, at least once, about running their own school? Pocket Academy turns that dream into virtual reality as you try to attract students to your learning institution. Train your teachers, raise your student grade average and build various activities for your students to enjoy and turn your small school into a prestigious academy.

1. Game Dev Story – $4.99, iOS/Android

Why not pick the game that started it all? In Game Dev Story, you open your own video game development company and create games for different consoles. Train your staff, unlock new themes and genres, create your own console, and slowly work your way up to becoming the company with the best game in the industry.

Honorable Mentions:

Mega Mall Story – Create your own skyscraper mall and beat out the competition

Venture Town – Build your own modern city from the ground up (Kairosoft has a similar game, Oh!Edo Towns, set in the Edo Period of Japan)

Dungeon Village – Run your own safehaven for adventurers to rest and regroup as they fend off monsters just outside your village

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