School Idol Diaries – Hanayo Koizumi


If you haven’t watched the anime, Love Live! School Idol Project, or watched its movie, and you plan to, please don’t read. This entry will contain spoilers. However, if you want to continue reading, despite the warning, feel free! You have been warned! 🙂


Here I am, writing in this small notebook in the club room while the rest of the group planned for our overseas trip. More on that later. We just finished with the third years’ graduation ceremony, and it was a great one! Our club leader and current student council president, Honoka-chan, set it up so that we would send the third years off the way school idols would – we sang! I think we made Eli-chan, Nico-chan, and Nozomi-chan cry, but it was a great ceremony!

Anyway, it’s hard to believe. My first year at Otonokizaka High is about to end, and with it, our school idol group. We called ourselves μ’s. It feels like it was only yesterday when I joined the group. But look at us now. The third years just completed their graduation ceremony and we’re Love Live event champions! I think that’s a great way to send them off. Or, it would have been, had I not ran to the club room, dragging Honoka-chan with me, and caused everyone to follow.

See, right when the third years were about to leave, I received an e-mail regarding the next Love Live event, and I had to share it with the group as soon as possible! The event would take place in Tokyo Dome if, and only if, we’re able to completely fill it up. Now, the group is discussing the details with Principal Minami. I should probably pay attention, especially since Nico-chan named me as her successor as president of the School Idol Research club. But this was too good and too important not to write about.

From what I can gather, we’ll be traveling to America for a performance to spread the idol culture. We’ll be able to create our own grand stage and help advertise Love Live! We’ll get to stay at a grand hotel and tour the city we’re staying in. I think I missed out on where we’re staying since I was too excited to write about the trip.

I should end this entry for now and listen to the planning. It seems a little scary, but I’m excited. I’ll do my best!

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