An All Apple Techie, Gives Android a Try

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Ever since my first smartphone, I’ve always used an iPhone. I started with an iPhone 3G at the end of my 8th grade year, and had the new iPhone ever since. Today, I’m rocking the iPhone 7 in Jet Black. Not once have I switched to a different phone brand; except recently. Though it didn’t last for very long… (exactly 1.5 weeks long.)

Apple iPhone 7 (Source: Apple Online Store)

My Time With Apple iPhone

Starting with my first iPhone, iPhone 3G, I got used to the interface and all the features it had to offer. My next iPhone was the iPhone 4. I instantly fell in love with the all glass and stainless steel band design. It was, in my opinion, the best design Apple had made. It was easy to grip and had a very premium feel to it. After that, I had the iPhone 5. I was particularly excited for this iPhone because it is the first iPhone with a display change. The 4-inch screen made watching videos an better experience as YouTube was starting to take over as my source of entertainment. The next iPhone was the iPhone 6. At first I wasn’t looking forward to this phone, because I preferred a smaller phone that can easily be used with one hand without a feature to shrink the display. But then, while seeing all the unboxing and reviews of the iPhone 6 on YouTube, My view of the iPhone had changed and I wanted this phone. This is also the first iPhone I bought with my own money. I realized that because the phone had a bigger screen, watching YouTube was 10x better. The next iPhone was the iPhone 6S. The only reason I upgraded to this phone was because my mom and I had changed from AT&T to T-Mobile. What I liked most about this iPhone was the pressure sensitive touch display. Or as Apple calls it: 3D Touch. Many people didn’t see a use for this feature but I made full use of the feature. Altough now that iOS 10 focuses on the 3D touch as the core experience, I think less people are saying that. After that is my current iPhone: iPhone 7. There were two big features that I really enjoyed about this phone. One featue is the dual speakers. Since YouTube replaced my TV, the mono speaker was a bit cumbersome because I had to cuff my hand around the speaker to make it sound better. Now that the iPhone 7  has dual speakers, one of which is facing directly towards you, I don’t need to do that anymore.The other feature is the water resistance. I tend to bring my phone to the bathroom when I shower so I can listen to music, and steam is not a good friend with electronics. It’s nice not to worry if my phone will break or not.

My current homescreen


I have to admit, I never thought I would have switched. And neither did all my friends and family. One of the main reason I switched is that my sister had switched from iPhone to HTV One M7 about a decade ago. The HTC One M7 was a popular Android phone then because of its dual Beats speakers. I didn’t have a phone then so I was always asking my sister if I can play around with it. That was the first instance where I wanted an Android phone. The only reason I got an iPhone was because my mom bought me it as an 8th grade promotion gift. Another instance that got me to switch is that in my freshman and sophomore year at high school, I was a big jailbreaker. Jailbreak, for those that do not know, gives you root control of your phone, allowing you to add tweaks and changes on your iPhone that is normally not approved by Apple. And before you ask; according to, it is legal to jailbreak an iPhone. The first time I jailbroke my iPhone, I changed so many aspects of my phone. I changed the look and feel, added features that we are now present in iOS. Basically, I was making my iPhone unique. Even today I still think about if I want to jailbreak my iPhone. The final reason that pushed me to try an android phone was that I am constantly surrounded by Android users. At my main work I’m the only iPhone user in my area,  other than my manager. At home, my mom has an iPhone, but when my sister and my other relatives visit, they all have an Android phone. In a way, I felt like the odd one out.

The Switch

So after thinking hard about it, I decided to give Android a try. Being with T-Mobile, I had one of their feature that allowed me to upgrade anytime, as often as I want up to 3x. It is called Jump On-Demand. There were plenty of Android phones on the market, that it was hard to pick just one of them. I narrowed my choices down to the LG G5, or one of the Samsung Galaxy lines. I finally decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. I wanted to transfer all of my content from my old phone to the new one since I had a bunch of pictures and videos. But because I had about 30 gigabytes worth of data, I decided to  transfer only my contacts and keep all my pictures and videos on iCloud. Other than that, the switching was painless.

Upside of having a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

  1. The Huge Screen on the phone is very nice, sharp and the colors are very vibrant. And with because of the Amoled display, images and videos containing the color black is actually black because that pixel isn’t even on.
  2. The ability to customize a lot of aspects of the phone is nice. Although you aren’t able to fully customize everything with out rooting the phone, many other important parts are still customizable
  3. There are a lot of apps on the web (albeit might not be legal applications) that I can install onto the phone, where as if I were to do it on iOS, I’d have to do the “set back time trick”
  4. The all glass design felt very premium. In a way, it reminded me of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. And the design made it a bit more comfortable to hold in the hand because the metal back on the iPhone makes me feel like I’m going to drop my phone at any time.
  5. The wireless charging came in handy when I come home late and just want to go to bed. I just placed my phone on the charging pad and it will charge. I guess I’m getting a bit more lazy but I digress.

These reasons are what I enjoyed about this Android phone in particular. But these weren’t enough to keep me tethered to the Android lifestyle. A week and a half later I switched back to the iPhone

What Brought me back to iOS

  1. The big reason I came back was iMessage. All my friends had iOS with iMessage and was so much better than regular text messaging. Even iOS 10 made it 10x better with the bubble effects, full screen effects, and the stickers.
  2. The Apple Ecosystem. Owning a MacBook Pro, and Apple Watch, the ecosystem made the user experience seamless and simple. I got used to working on a document on my MacBook, and then continuing it on my phone and vise versa. Without an iPhone, my Apple Watch was only used as a bedside clock and my MacBook was just another laptop.
  3. Although Android and the Galaxy have so many features, I started to feel overwhelmed trying to learn it all. Some features feel like are only for show, and some just feel like it could have been better. Although iOS doesn’t contain many features, the ones it does have feel polished and very useful.
  4. The camera quality on both phones are really good. But I felt like iPhone 7 camera did better at having the better colors and better night shots. On the S7, taking a picture at night was a bit grainy and not as bright.
  5. Audio quality is much better on the iPhone 7. It has 2 speakers and does not sound muffled unlike the S7. Listening to music at night and watching a lot of YouTube, audio quality is important.

There are more reasons on why I switched but these are the big reasons that pushed me go back.


Although my time with the Galaxy S7 edge was short, I did enjoy my time with it. I did not regret my decision to leave nor to come back. If I had the money to buy the other phone at full price, I would. Even though I did enjoy my time with the phone, I still prefer iOS. Though every now and then, I may travel back to Android. And maybe that time will be much longer.

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