School Idol Diaries – Umi Sonoda


If you haven’t watch the anime series, Love Live! School Idol Project, or its movie, I strongly suggest watching them first before reading these diary entries. Umi’s entry will contain many spoilers from the movie. Reader beware! Read at your own risk!


Sorry, diary. I’m going to rant a bit.

As soon as we got to New York, we took taxis to our hotel. I was already weary about our cab driver since we didn’t understand each other, but Eli and Nozomi said they had excellent service. Before splitting up, Honoka gave Rin a note for the driver with the name of our hotel. The driver took us to some beat down, shady looking place. If it weren’t for Rin remembering the correct hotel name, we may have never met up with the rest of the group! All because Honoka couldn’t copy down a note right!

I guess it’s not all Honoka’s fault, and I really should have expected something like this and had Eli check the note before we split up. I probably should have remembered the hotel name, too. Thank goodness for Rin. I’m not really that angry with Honoka anymore. After playing Old Maid with Kotori, and losing many times, and after a nice run around the park, I learned that being overseas isn’t too bad.

Kotori splurged a lot on food! One night, she gets a really big cheesecake, and then she gets fills the table with all sorts of food another night. We had to find a Japanese restaurant to satisfy Hanayo’s need of rice. I don’t blame her much, I was getting a little tired of all the bread we were getting too.

We have a couple days until our big performance. We plan to tour the big city more to find the perfect spot to set up our stage. Practice is going well. I love the song we’re performing. It’s called Angelic Angel. I’m looking forward to the performance, but I really can’t wait to get back home!

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