Rikyako! Ganbaruby!

If you want to watch the Aqours first live spoiler-free, then I urge you not to read this. The news was floating all around many anime communities, so if you managed to dodge those bullets, kudos to you.

As always, if you still want to read, go for it!

Please note that I, personally, did not watch the live and just going by what has been posted on social media and anime community sites. The art posted in this blog are not mine, but owned by their respective artists.

This occured during Day 2 of Aqours First Love Live! ~Step! ZERO to ONE~, on February 26, 2017.

During the performance of Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare, Rikyako (Rikako Aida, voice actress of Riko Sakurauchi) suffered a panic attack, a moment during that would probably be the defining moment of the entire live.

According to Rikyako, in a post-live post she made, she was able to perform the song just fine on day 1, so she decided to go out and perform with a “smile like Riko” on day 2. (A translated version of Rikyako’s post-live thoughts can be found here.)

Based on what was said by those who watched the live, either in person or streamed, Anchan (Anju Inami, voice actress of Chika Takami) was the first to come up and comfort Rikyako, and was followed closely behind by the other Aqours members. The entire arena was glowing light pink as those who attended the live showed their support by switching their kingblade lights to shine Riko’s character color.

Rikyako was able to perform the song, though she was still crying during the performance.

But…wow. Even if I haven’t seen the actual live yet, just by reading posts made by those who have, you can feel the strong bond of friendship between the Aqours voice actresses. You can feel how much they care for each other, on and off the stage. Also, by just reading posts about it on social media and anime community forums, and seeing fanart of the event, you can feel the strong bond between the actresses and the fans.

Professional or not, panic attacks can mess people up, and I hope this defining first live moment doesn’t deter Rikyako from performing the song again in future live events.

“I knew right then…I wasn’t alone.”

Your fans love and support you, Rikyako! Keep on doing your best! Ganbaruby!

It’s going to be hard waiting for the Blu-Ray so I can watch this!

2 thoughts on “Rikyako! Ganbaruby!”

    Those fanart you found are just great and mixed really well with the article.
    you should do more of this. Thanks for the full news and keep up the great work.

    *note : im downloading the live concert as i wrote this comment. lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I downloaded the concert as soon as I heard about this happening, too! I cried when it got to the part this happened.


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