School Idol Diaries – Maki Nishikino

SPOILER ALERT! If you have been following these idol diary entries from the beginning, this notice shouldn’t be anything new. This entry will contain scenes from the movie. If you haven’t seen the anime or watched the movie, but plan to, I suggest not reading this. But if you want to read anyways, feel free!

Home at last! It was a bit of an uncomfortable flight for me, though. I’m not that used to flying coach!

I really enjoyed performing in New York. Angelic Angel is such a pretty song. According to Hanayo, it generated a lot of buzz on the internet, but we weren’t expecting the welcome we received at the airport. We stood in the airport for a pretty long time signing autographs. It wasn’t until Honoka pointed out the screen on the airport wall showing a clip of our New York performance and encouraging people to cheer us on.

When we finally left the airport, we saw our performance on every screen, our pictures on flyers being handed out and posters hanging on store windows. We even had a really big picture on the side of a building. I loved our performance, but I wasn’t expecting this much recognition. We became famous during the duration of our trip, and we weren’t ready for the attention.

I have Nozomi constantly bugging me about the song we saw in my music book while we were in New York. I was hoping she forgot all about it when I told her I did it for myself. I can sense the gears in her head moving, but I hope she doesn’t mention anything about it to the rest of the group.

In closing, it was a really fun trip and I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. If we have another trip like this, but just to hang out, I’m not flying coach!

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