DEP Day 1 (Digital Evolving Psyche)

First things first, I…uh…really underestimated how much prep work it takes to arrange, duct tape, and put all the things together, especially when you only have ONE EXTENSION CABLE that is actually capable of taking in the heavy duty charge of a presentation projector and an iMac at the same time. I did manage to get things set up, but I decided to spend the next 4 hours ironing out whatever kinks I could with the frontend of DEP before officially opening the doors.

In terms of features, DEP as of Day 1 has the following:

  • A Day in the CS Club, we are PUCific, and Prismic Shift showcased
  • Video modules semi-working (the plugin hates 60fps for some reason, so some re-encoding will most likely be necessary–and hey, lower files sizes are always a good thing!)
  • A proper working marquee system (mostly for notices on when the gallery’s going to open or close, but can also be used for other purposes if I so desire)
  • A clock!
  • A day counter!
  • Falling stars!
  • A more optimized fade in-fade out system that’s probably a dozen times better than whatever junk I hacked up for Prismic Shift

For Day 2, I will probably work more on developing the following:

  • Image and audio modules (so my fliers and music can be properly showcased)
  • A basic “guide” to make things more entertaining, hopefully, as well as give more insight to all of the pieces e.g. behind the scenes stuff and second thoughts from an “outsider” perspective
  • Improvements in usability (because lord knows how much I suck ass at that coughprismicshiftcough)
  • Better music!
  • More sound effects!

At least I got arranging the gallery out of the way fairly quickly. Now if only I could snag another computer to use so I don’t have to sacrifice my laptop for the day…not to mention the risks of stolen property and whatnot 😡

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