Going on an EXPEDITION

Care to join us in our little EXPEDITION?

There’s this tabletop RPG called Expedition that the three of us here at AGA Fanatix started playing.

Expedition Box Image

Expedition is a 1-6 player tabletop RPG that consists of cards and a 20-sided die used for gameplay. It also has an accompanying phone app that contains all of the adventures for the game.

Expedition Phone App

Players start by choosing an adventurer card and drawing the needed spell cards as instructed by the adventurer card. Players then choose an adventure on the phone app.

Expedition Tutorial Adventure

Players rotate reading the text for the adventure (one person can be designated to do this to make things easier). Anything can happen in the adventure. It’s all up to the one who wrote it. You can use a pre-made adventure or make your own. You’ll experience many things, from treasure hunts to battles.

Expedition Battle Victory Screen

Expedition is a fun tabletop game to play with friends and family. The one downside is the lack of adventures. You can complete the adventures in the app in a couple days worth of gaming if you’re bored.

If you’re into tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, this is a game for you! Come up with your own adventures and send your players into their own Expedition!

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