FanimeCon 2017: Day 1 thoughts

10 years.

It’s been 10 years since I’ve been going to Fanime, with my cousin GraphiteHelix and myself being the only original crew that’s been holding our personal group boat afloat. To tell you the truth, it’s this group that I’m in that makes this convention worth it, aside from the fact that I’m in the gaming room a good majority of the time (though that may soon change considering a few significant differences I’ve noticed in this year’s eGaming and arcade hall).

A good majority of Day 1 was spent in my hotel room settling in. Due to some mishaps with the UnFairmo–er, Fairmont Hotel, we ended up rooming in Hotel de Anza after GraphiteHelix scrambled for another hotel in the area (“GOD BLESS HOTELS THAT AREN’T WELL KNOWN! >.<” quoth the cousin). The convention from Hotel de Anza is about 10-12 minutes away, which means that we’re more likely to make more of our time worth it outside of the hotel due to the sheer distance we have to travel just to get back. Thankfully I packed a Bluetooth speaker to blast some music while I walk to and from the hotel, mostly vaporwave and bangers from Camellia to make the walks more interesting.

At the convention, I only really grazed some of the Artist Alley and the Dealer’s Hall. Considering that I was short on money, there really isn’t much that I could do in either of those two places, so I naturally spent most of my time at the convention in the eGaming/arcade area. IIDX, SDVX, and Drummania V8 were notably absent from the arcade area, though beatmaniaIII THE FINAL, Jubeat Prop (I think), TGM3: Terror-Instinct, and the Asia version of THE Bishi Bashi made a return to the arcade, among other common contenders, mostly from On-Campus Entertainment. I played a few games of TGM3 with one of my friends DDRKirby(ISQ) noticing me with his friend tagging along; I managed to get a few subpar Master games in before getting hit with a promo exam of…grade 3. Baby steps? Baby steps. It also doesn’t help that I played more Guideline Tetris than TGM in the past couple of years.

Alongside TGM, I also joined DDRKirby(ISQ) and his friend in a game of THE Bishi Bashi, where we managed to get to stage 17 in one credit (DDRKirby’s friend survived until stage 13, and I survived until stage 16 after receiving a flurry of Monster Mode challenges). I ended my time at the arcade area by playing an Internet Ranking course on Dance ManiaX 2nd Mix J-Append Paradise, where I did…fairly decent, I suppose. Afterwards, I spent the rest of the day in the hotel, but not before running a quick errand of getting my cousin some forks and cups at the nearest Walgreens, alongside a quick Japantown trip to buy some chopsticks (because some of us know how to use chopsticks :c plus we had a lot of instant ramen packed up). The rest of the night was just Nintendo Switch games, YouTube videos, and karaoke, alongside whatever shenanigans brought forth by my roommates in my group.

Tomorrow, I’m graduating from university, which means that I have to drive early to the stadium that I’m going to walk at and spend the morning and afternoon outside of the Fanime area. It’s been a long 7 years since I’ve been at university, but all of that comes to an end tomorrow…and I’m still doing stuff for Fanime afterwards.

Here’s hoping for some graduation money! ( ゚Д゚)

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