FanimeCon 2017 – Day 1

Pretty uneventful Fanime Friday. Nothing really going on, and my roomies spent most of the time getting used to a new hotel and settling into the new room.

Long story short: Fairmont overbooked, tried to relocate us to the Santa Clara Marriott, but I was able to secure a room at Hotel De Anza. The hotel is located about three blocks away from the convention center. The rooms are smaller, but Lorman, a member of our convention group, was also able to secure the same type of room with us. So our group is sharing two rooms.

Our room is probably the most filipino room in the hotel. Our snacks and activities can prove it:

Oishi chips, Stik-O, and ChocNut…

And karaoke.

As for Fanime, nothing big is happening. I usually save my shopping at Dealers Hall and Artists Alley on Saturday. According to Aru, Gamers Hall isn’t as great as previous years. Even the Manga Library isn’t as great this year.

Usual Day 1 at FanimeCon. Wait for high school kids to get out of school and arrive, have dinner, and prepare for Saturday.

Saturday plans? Gaia panel, voice actors panel, good dinner, Dungeons & Dragons…and Aru’s graduation. Big day tomorrow!

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