FanimeCon 2017 – Day 3

Day 3 at Fanime was shopping day! Lots of stuff bought from Artist Alley and only one thing purchased from Dealers Hall.

After a breakfast of Cup-O-Noodles, Pocky, and water, AvatarJT and I went down to Dealers Hall to weave around the aisles and look around. I found my usual go-to store, 8-Bit Gaming and spoke with the vendor. Told her how I still had the magnets of every Pokemon gym badge I had purchased from them a couple years ago from the San Francisco Anime Festival. I also bought one plush of Ruby Kurosawa from Love Live! Sunshine.

Afterwards, we went to Artist Alley where I splurged on small prints, charms, and pins.

(I apologize about some of these being upside down)

After making purchases, I attended Erica Mendez’s Q&A panel with Aru and JT. She is the voice actress of Ryuko from Kill la Kill and Nico Yazawa of Love Live. I already considered it a successful panel when she reenacted Nico’s introduction script! And that was done about five minutes into the hour-long panel!

After panel, Aru, JT, and I ate at AFK, a gaming lounge about a block away from our hotel. The garlic fries were nothing special, but the BBQ chicken pizza was really good. Unfortunately, none of us had it in our budget to also play games at our table.

We played Expedition in our room at night in place of Dungeons & Dragons. We taught Jesse, one of our group members, how to play. As always, the adventures are really interesting. Of course, we didn’t play any of my adventures. Wouldn’t be fun to play if I know what’ll happen next.

We also spent time cleaning up our room so that not too much needs to be done. The room is fairly clean right now.

Tomorrow’s plan: pack up, clean up, check out, finish up con, head to Dave & Busters for their anime takeover, then head home.

It was a great 10th year Fanime anniversary for me. Looking forward to attending more! See you Fanime 2018!

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