FanimeCon 2017 – Day 4

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Such is the case for Fanime 2017.

This morning, I started the day off in prayer in commemoration of Memorial Day. Unfortunately, I was surrounded by butt tooters who chose quiet prayer time to hold a concert in their sleep, so it was pretty hard to keep a straight face while praying. I chose to leave Aru and JT to their little duet and quietly got ready for the day and finished packing my belongings.

It took another hour until Aru decided to rise from his sleep. He would then start shopping for hotels since he is taking over Fanime logistics for the 2018 trip. It was decided that we would be returning to an old “home away from home”, the Four Points by Sheraton, a hotel we hadn’t stayed in since 2009. Hotel De Anza wasn’t a bad place, it was just a really long walk and it wasn’t easy carrying stuff back and forth. Plus, one of the two hotel elevators chose check-out day to get sick and require maintenance. JT and I waited nearly half an hour until we were finally able to load our cart of luggage into the lift. Aru left earlier to grab the car, and he had to drive around the block while waiting for us.

After checking out, we returned to the convention to do some last-minute shopping. I probably only spent $20 today in Artists Alley for pins and stickers. JT and I waited for Aru in the Gaming Hall and we all left before the hall closed at noon.

We spent some time at Dave and Busters after Fanime, but it was too early for D&B’s Anime Takeover. We chose not to stick around for that as we were all pretty tired. And broke.

So here I am now sitting at home and planning out our next great adventure. I handed over Fanime logistics to Aru because I’m moving on to bigger, and hopefully better, pastures…PAX West 2018. We don’t plan to take a huge group to PAX West, but hopefully we’ll have a big enough group to cut the costs!

This is it. Kudos to ten years of great Fanime experiences. Had its ups and downs, but overall, it’s been great. Here’s to many more great Fanime experiences! Cheers for Fanime 2018!

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