Wedding Bells – Trip to Canada: Day 1

Hello from Vancouver, BC, Canada! I’m running on 30 minutes of airplane nap time over the last 40 hours or so, so I’m kinda surprised I’m still up typing this entry.

Day 1 of 8 here in Canada pretty much just ended. My cousin, Romilyn, is out with her lady friends having a good time somewhere, enjoying the single life before tying the knot in a few days. Her husband-to-be, Stan, will have his night out with his guy friends tomorrow (or technically later today since it’s past midnight). I don’t know if I’ll join them or not. I don’t drink, but if it’s at a casino, I’ll consider it.

Today was a relax day. My family and I left the comfort of our home at around 3:45AM and took a shuttle to the airport. The flight was scheduled to take off at 6:30AM, but didn’t leave the ground until 7:05AM. That’s when I had my half-hour nap.

We touched down in Vancouver around 9:00AM, and took forever trying to figure out how and where to get our bags. Took forever getting to our bags. We zigged and zagged through the hallways of the airport, probably walking nearly a mile just to get to our baggage. Our things were the last on the carousel. Vancouver International Airport literally looks like a mall inside. Things are so different here in Vancouver, compared to the three international airports near home! It took even longer getting our rental van.

We got to my cousin’s house around 10:30AM. Thank goodness she had food prepared for us…we were starving!

We spent most of the day talking about plans for the next day. Everyone in our travel group (except for me) took short naps throughout the day. We also met Stan’s parents for the first time. They’re such sweet people! My cousin got herself dolled up before leaving to celebrate while we played The Game of Life with Stan (he asked me to bring it to Canada).

That was basically it for Day 1. Just relax with the family. The lack of sleep is just now starting to get to me, so I better run and see if my brain can operate properly enough to count sheep!

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