Wedding Bells – Trip to Canada: Day 2

Hello from Vancouver – Day 2!

Today was another easy going day.

I had a good 6 hours of sleep today. It was a much needed rest. Would have slept more, but my family’s loud. While waiting for everyone to get ready for today’s plans, I logged into Steam and played a game called Oxygen Not Included for a couple hours. Around 10:30AM, we all left for Deer Lake Park for a picnic.

At the park, I made sure I had Pokemon Go open. Took over 2 gyms and made sure other Team Mystic members filled it up before I walked away. My Pokemon are still there! I also met family members I never knew I had and reunited with some I haven’t seen in 10+ years. I also met Stan’s sister, her husband and two kids. Cute little family! Unfortunately, the picnic did run a little too long for me, my cousins (Yen and Noy), “brother from another mother” (Collins). We walked part of the trail twice and all ended up taking a nap in the van. It didn’t help that I was trying to recover from very little sleep the day before. That nap was much needed.

After the picnic, we walked to a local card shop to see if they sold trading cards Noy collects. Unfortunately, they didn’t stock Cardfight! Vanguard, but I did see a couple tabletop games I want to own. Hopefully I find cheaper copies at the mall tomorrow, but if not, I’ll ask if we can make a trip back to that card shop. After the shop, we walked a little farther down to buy boba.

Now, it’s time to shower, rest, and relax and prepare for tomorrow. Mass, mall, and wedding prep seems like the plan for Day 3. Until then!

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