Wedding Bells – Trip to Canada: Day 3

Hello from Vancouver – Day 3!

Today, for me, was all about having some quality family time.

This morning, we walked to Saint Jude Catholic Church to attend their 9:00AM mass. We met up with the priest who will preside over Ate Lynn’s and Kuya Stan’s wedding on Tuesday. Another Fr. Jun! He’s just as much as a joker as our Fr. Jun back in the States, but taller. Looking forward to serving under him at the wedding.

At around 11:00AM, we went to The Metro, the biggest mall in the area. Spent nearly an hour debating on if I was going to buy some board games. It took a 10% off all board games offer for me to buy it. I am now a proud owner of Machi Koro and all three of its expansion packs!

At around 3:00PM, we went to the Guildford Town Centre, supposedly the second biggest mall in the area. With a fairly hard hit to the wallet at The Metro, I had to fight the temptation to buy anything (I do still have a week here in Vancouver, after all).

At 6:00PM, we went to a relative’s house for dinner. We had a ton of leftovers from the picnic, so we brought that to the gathering too. We also came to dinner prepared. I had my board games and my Nintendo Switch, just in case we would get bored. Our relatives even had Mahjong, so we played that too. But here’s the news of the day…the skies opened up, angels sang their glorious song, and gas masks were equipped around the house because, for the first time since we landed in Vancouver, Collins finally let go of his digested food. At 8:17PM, Collins took his first ever Canadian poop. I was teasing him about it since arriving, but I can’t do that anymore.

We got home around 10:20PM and had an extended family game night. We played games that were classic back in the day, like Pick-up Sticks. I also opened up the main Machi Koro box and started reading how to play.

3 days at Canada, 2 family game nights. 1 Collins’ Canadian poop. Let’s see what Day 4 brings us!

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