Wedding Bells – Trip to Canada: Day 4

Hello from Vancouver – Day 4!

Today is a last preparation day for the wedding!

We all had a chance to sleep in today! At 11:00AM, we went to Prince Restaurant for brunch. Kuya Stan’s parents ordered A LOT of food! I tapped out really early in the game, but it felt like I was in a No-Holds Barred wrestling match. Even after tapping out, the food kept coming!

After lunch, around 1:00PM, we all got home and went off to do our own things. Ate Lynn went with Kuya Stan’s mom and sister to get nails done. Collins and Noy went to get haircuts (Noy doesn’t really like his). Everyone else went to bed, except for me and Kuya Stan. We babysitted Kuya Stan’s 5-year-old niece. She’s quite the handful! In the end, though, we enjoyed making random structures with Legos. Building blocks always bring the party! When Collins and Noy got back, both took naps. During that time, Kuya Stan painted dots on Collins’ nose and forehead with yellow paint. Final college prank he can pull on his “bromance partner” before getting hitched!

Kuya Stan left with his sister and her kids for the night (the groom can’t see the bride for the night, after all). That’s when the rest of us here went all hands on deck to finish what needed to be done for the wedding tomorrow. I didn’t think I’d be able to help out, but I ended up using my Excel skills to help with the seating arrangements (it also gave me an excuse to download some neat fonts).

I got annoyed with all the crumbs on the table while I was working. I was going to wipe the table down as soon as I removed everything from the table. Instead, my uncle took the tablecloth off, shook off all the crumbs and dirt, put the tablecloth back, then vaccumed the crumbs from the carpet. At least the table is ready for gaming and such now…so clean!

I ended my day with watching a stream on my favorite channel on Twitch. HyperRPG was livestreaming Heroclix, a tabletop game involving figures of superheroes. This episode was Part 3 of a Ninja Turtles game. Really fun to watch!

Big day tomorrow! Until then!

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