Wedding Bells – Trip to Canada: Day 5

Hello again from Vancouver!

Today’s the big day! Ate Lyn’s and Kuya Stan’s wedding day!

Got up at 7:00AM, only because the parentals woke everyone up. There ceremony isn’t until 2:00PM, so until I needed to get ready, I surfed facebook and played some games on Steam.

At around 1:30PM, we made our way to the church. There, I met with St. Jude’s Fr. Jun, and he told me my tasks for the wedding. It was just a ceremony, no mass, but it was still an awesome ceremony. I was standing behind the groom and his parents (they were facing the entrance, and as the server, I was on the sanctuary next to the priest), but when my Ate Lyn walked in, I could have sworn Kuya Stan cried. We had a slight mishap with the book of marriage (new book, Father wasn’t accustomed to it yet), but other than that, the wedding ceremony went off without any problems.

Around 4:00PM, we went to River Rock Casino for the reception. Great celebration, great food. Yen was one of the people who made a speech. Had a really interesting moment during the bouquet and garter toss. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that they re-enacted a scene from a certain movie. After the cake cutting, the dancing and real party started. That was when Collins, Yen, Noy and I went down to the casino. I wasn’t really feeling the vibe I usually do when I reel in wins. Controlled my losses to just $20 CAD. We made it back from the casino during clean-up phase, around 10:30PM.

So, here we all are. At home and resting after a day filled with celebrations. Kuya Stan and Ate Lyn had a room at River Rock, so I’m sure their celebration is continuing as I type.

Don’t know what the plans are for tomorrow. Apparently, we’re going out in the afternoon, so we’ll see what day 6 brings!

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