Wedding Bells – Trip to Canada: Day 6

Hello, once again, from the hot and humid City of Vancouver!

I honestly thought today was going to be all about rest and recovery from yesterday’s big celebration. Boy, was I wrong!

We did get to sleep in a bit today. But the mothers of the household still chose to wake us up earlier than when we intended to. Around 9:00AM, everyone was up, having breakfast and just hanging out.

At 1:30PM, we all left to go to Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. This bridge looks short and easy to cross, but once you got on it, it seemed like forever to get to the other side. And we had to cross it to get back to the entrance since the alternative way was to hike an hour through the forest trail. We did follow the trail for a bit until we reached the bottom of the canyon and enjoyed the sights and sounds of people swimming in the river.

The hike back up triggered a minor asthma attack for me, but I didn’t need to pull out the inhaler for this episode. It helped that the air was fresh in the forest and not affected by the smoke caused by a nearby wildfire.

Around 3:30PM, we visited Cleveland Dam. I didn’t go down to see the dam itself (was still recovering from the asthma episode), but it was nice seeing the place our drinking water here is stored.

At 4:30PM, we drove around Stanley Park and stopped at the Hollow Tree. We didn’t get to stop by other landmarks around the park since we would have had to pay for parking at every stop (The Hollow Tree parking was the only free parking spot there). I still thought it was nice views from the car.

At around 6:00PM, we went to a waffle shop called Nero’s for a quick sugar pick-me-up. Man, their waffles were great. We also went to La Casa Gelato to hide from the heat. This place has over 200 flavors of gelato! It was tough to pick the two scoops I wanted. It was a much needed cold treat.

We went home after gelato and freshened up a bit before having another Family Game Night. Tonight, we played Pick-Up Sticks, Dominoes, and Machi Koro.

During the Machi Koro game, Kuya Stan let out an earth-shattering belch. Collins, as competitive as he is, tried to out-gas him. With a really loud and butt-belch of his own. Thing is…Collins wasn’t expecting anything to happen! I also was hit by a second episode of asthma due to the humidity.

It wasn’t until we were all getting ready for bed when the best quote of the day was spoken. Collins and I were talking to Noy about turning 20 and how it felt (Happy Birthday, Noy), and Collins says “20 is no big deal. It just starts another decade of sadness.” Straight up. No chill. But yet, way funny the way it was delivered.

Apparently we’ll be leaving at 7:30AM for another adventure. One that I already announced that I wasn’t participating in it. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

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