Wedding Bells – Trip to Canada: Day 8

Hello one last time from Vancouver!

Our last full day here. Time to get ready to head back to California.

We got ourselves ready for the last scenic walk in Canada. At around 10:00AM, we left for Queen Elizabeth Park, the place where Ate Lyn and Kuya Stan took some lovey-dovey pictures before the wedding.

The place was massive! It was like garden after garden after garden. Simply beautiful!

The views from a bridge was amazing. It is the perfect place for a writer, like me, to just kick back, relax, and focus. If I wasn’t here on vacation, I would have asked if we could just kick back for a while. As it stands, I simply just took in the scenery!

Seriously, these pictures don’t do its beauty justice. If you vacation up in the Vancouver area, it’s a place you have to check out! It was a perfect way to end our trip to Vancouver!

Around 12:30PM, we went back to the Metro to do some last-minute shopping. I bit the bullet and spent the last of my money on tabletop games and trading cards. I didn’t want to go back to the U.S. with Canadian money in my wallet except for the one and two dollar coin (known here as a looney and twoney).

We got home and tried to get as much packing done before the party started. Some of us also took our last Canadian showers.

Party started at around 5:30PM. It was a mix of Uncle Boboy’s birthday party and our “see you later” dinner. We were hoping for no alcohol, but with Kuya Nean, one of our relatives here, we learned that wasn’t going to happen. I escaped the party to watch the finale of one of the shows I watch on the Hyper RPG channel on Twitch. I also got tired of climbing up and down the stairs.

Now it’s time to rest up, do some last-minute packing, and prepare to head on home. I shall create a short blog tomorrow, either during the wait at the airport, or as soon as we arrive back at home.

It’s been great, Vancouver! ‘Til next time!

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