I got a song in a music game!

Now I know I’ve been very absent from this blog, but I figured that I’d make a return to announce one of the things that’s been goin’ on while I’ve been gone, and that’s that one of my songs, “Harutopia ~Utopia of Spring~” is now in a music game!

harutopia jacket
Music game cover art (´・ω・`)

The game in question is called Arcaea (pronounced arr-kay-uh) which is available on iOS and Android for free with microtransactions to unlock additional content. The big draw is the game’s “sky notes” where there will be notes above the main play field, making this one of the first mobile music games that actually require you to cross over your hands to hit the notes. A couple of my Twitter buddies worked on the development and charting for this game and it’s managed to get quite a bit of traction especially in Asia (for what it’s worth, the Japanese Arcaea Twitter account has sub-10K followers compared to the English account‘s 1.3K followers as of this writing).

This song was included as part of a game update, so it’s available by default when you download the game! Of course, you’ll need to clear some of the other songs to play this song on harder difficulties, and I hope the journey is worth it when you get a chance to see the Future (Hard) difficulty’s chart.

I should also mention that this song was originally in a Sevensongs of Springbreak album that I made last year. The song in the game was cut down to music game size, so it was definitely a challenge trying to compress this song into less than two and a half minutes; I ended up having to add a few more variations to the melody to make it feel a bit more fresh and less repetitive than the album version, so I hope that effort managed to pay off. I also tweaked a bit of the mixing to be a bit more polished and crisp for the game’s release because a little bit of extra oomph never hurt anyone.

If you enjoy music games, I’d definitely recommend Arcaea for anyone that wants to be challenged with a unique play experience for smartphones. The game has 21 songs available by default which should keep players busy for a while, especially if you’re trying to aim for a high score. Be sure to check out Harutopia ~Utopia of Spring~ in the game while you’re at it, too!

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