Wedding Bells – Trip to Canada: After the Trip

Hello from sunny California!

Yup, I’m back home. I forgot to post this yesterday, so I’ll do so today.

Woke up very early Saturday morning (around 4:00AM) to prepare, do some last minute packing, and make sure nothing was forgotten. Even had a small breakfast. We all loaded the rental van around 5:30AM, congratulated the newlyweds again and thanked them for allowing us to stay at their place for the week. We left the house soon after.

We arrived at Vancouver International Airport around 6:00AM, got our luggage checked in, went through line after line after line of security checks and finally got to the ticket check-in after what felt like ages standing in what was probably four or five super long lines. We got to our gate around 7:15AM and waited to board for at 8:40AM flight home. Or so we thought.

About 20 minutes into the wait, a notice flashed on the gate screen announcing a delay on our flight, and that our departure time was now 9:50AM. The mothers of the group walked around the shopping area within the airport while us younger members of the group hunted for snacks to rejuvenate the energy expended by the waits in line. Around 8:30AM, the delay was announced and we were told that our delay was due to problems in SFO, or destination airport. Some of us elected to take short naps during this wait.

We finally boarded the plane around 9:20AM. At 9:50AM, it was announced that there would be a short delay since the bridge wouldn’t detach from the door. We didn’t take off until 10:20AM.

Our new scheduled landing time was 12:11PM, due to the earlier delays. But, guess what? Another delay, this time while we were in air. This delay was due to visibility issues because of the cloud cover over the airport. The pilot told us this delay may take an hour. When they announced this delay, I pulled out my phone and opened Google Maps. We were literally circling over an area of California that was just a 30-40 minute drive away from home! We were so close, but yet so far. Thankfully, the delay only lasted another 20 minutes. We landed at 12:30PM, but didn’t exit the plane until 12:50PM. Why? This time, the bridge wouldn’t attach to the plane. Go figure, right?

We finally got our bags and stood outside for another 20 minutes because our shuttle waited for us at a different area. At around 1:45PM, we were finally home! After all those delays, we were so happy to be away from the airport!

After unpacking my things, I took a short nap. I had friends and family (people I consider the gaming crew) coming over later in the afternoon for a little gamers potluck. At 5:00PM, the gaming crew arrived. We played two rounds of a tabletop game called Catan followed up by a session of a game on the Nintendo Switch called Overcooked. Our brains were literally overcooked after playing on the Switch, so we had a quick planning session for our Tabletop Thursday game night before calling it a night.

And with that, the Wedding Bells chapter of this blog is closed. It was a fun trip overall, and it was great meeting family up in Canada. They all want us to come back up in December this year, but we’ll see if we can make it happen on our end.

When will I post another entry? Who knows. It will most likely be about gaming or anime, somewhere along those lines. So keep checking in for the next entry!

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