Game Review: Oxygen Not Included

Game: Oxygen Not Included
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Platform: PC

NOTE: This game is still in open beta stage. Not all features of the game have been released.

Oxygen Not Included is a colony simulation game for the PC. The game can be found on Steam for $25.

You start the game with a three-person (known as Duplicates) colony, a machine that creates Duplicates, and a food bin with a small starting supply of food in it.

You must begin by excavating through the terrain in order to make space to build a colony. You’re start with basic tasks and basic building choices. Through research, you can learn how to construct more advanced structures to better the settlement for your Duplicates.

However, throughout the game, there are hazards to avoid, like suffocation and drowning. The Duplicates get stressed and can damage the colony, depending on the Duplicate. Some will vomit, some will pee in place, and some will literally destroy structures.

The purpose of the game is to build a large colony and make sure the Duplicates survive.

Overall, I think the game is pretty fun. You’ll build crappy settlements the first few times, but you’ll getter better at it fast. The challenge of keeping the Duplicates alive while researching more advanced structures and figuring out how to set everything up adds to the fun of things.

As expected in an Open Beta, there are still bugs in the game, but all have been reported to the developers and will hopefully be fixed by the next update.

I’m looking forward to the additional challenges future updates will bring.

Taking into account the fact that it’s still in development and that bugs still needs to be squashed, it’s still a great game. I’ll give it a nice 8.5/10.

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