AniMonday – Stuck in Another World

Welcome to my first article for AniMondays! Today, I’m going to talk about a genre I personally enjoy reading and watching – Isekai or Another World/Parallel World!

Anime based on being sent to another world have popped up a lot more often in recent seasons. With notable shows like Konosuba, Sword Art Online, and Log Horizon, the isekai genre has been gaining popularity.

It is one of my most favorite genres to read and watch. That said, here are my top 3 favorite anime and light novels from the genre.

My top three favorite anime (with completed seasons):

  1. Konosuba – Having a party with three cute, yet weird, girls can make life really fun!

  1. Log Horizon – Life in a gaming world that has a touch of a real world feel.

  1. Sword Art Online – Literally stuck in a gaming world because the creator won’t let you leave.

My top three favorite light novels:

  1. In Another World With My Smartphone – Reincarnated in a fantasy world with just a mobile phone.

  1. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom – Summoned to another world and immediately given the task to rule a kingdom.

  1. The Rising of the Shield Hero – Summoned to a fantasy world with three others to make a living with nothing but a shield.

What do you think of the isekai genre and what are your favorites from it? Please share in the comments!

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