Spaceteam meets Battleship – Captain Sonar Review

Hey all!

This game is one that was introduced to me just yesterday. Literally, my friend Kilik had me watch a YouTube video of the game and ended up buying the game about half an hour later.

Spaceteam meets Battleship! This is a review for Captain Sonar!

“Under water, no one can hear you scream!”

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NaNoWriMo and more – Pt. 2

Hey again all,

I’ve decided to continue with AGA Fanatix until I have time to dedicate into creating a new blog page.

With NaNoWriMo, D&D, and life in general, I don’t have the time to even start working on planning how I want to new page to look.

Perhaps sometime in December is when I’ll start working on my own blog.

IN THE MEANTIME…expect a new game review from me, based on a game I learned how to play just today!

As for NaNo, I’m planning a romance/fantasy. Literally rolling d20s to determine how things go. It’ll be interesting!

NaNoWriMo and More

Hello to my readers!

I do apologize for not posting much the past week. I’ve been working on transitioning to my own blogging page and that’s almost ready to go. Also, as of September 1st, I’ve been focusing a lot of my spare time on planning out a fantasy/romance short story for NaNoWriMo 2018, so because of that, I may not be blogging much.

As soon as I make a first post in the new blog, I’ll post a link here so you can continue reading my posts. All posts made here, according to Aru, will be kept and archived.

Thanks all, and I hope to see you reading and liking my posts on the new page once that’s started up!