Spaceteam meets Battleship – Captain Sonar Review

Hey all!

This game is one that was introduced to me just yesterday. Literally, my friend Kilik had me watch a YouTube video of the game and ended up buying the game about half an hour later.

Spaceteam meets Battleship! This is a review for Captain Sonar!

“Under water, no one can hear you scream!”

“The year is 2048. You are part of a team of elite officers in command of a state-of-the-art submarine. The hunt has begun.

Your mission is simple: seek and destroy the enemy submarine.

To beat the enemy, you must cooperate with your teammates. Only the team who best communicates and works together will survive the encounters…”

Captain Sonar is a team competition game for the tabletop. Up to 8 players can play and it is extremely recommended that you gather up 8 players, but you can play with as low as 2.

In teams of up to 4, you and your team members must communicate perfectly in order to properly track the opposing submarine. The 4 positions for each team are:

Captain – The Captain is in charge of steering the ship in what probably is the most intense game of Snake ever. The captain has to be careful not to run into the tail or his/her path or into any mines they dropped.

The Captain also has to check in with the rest of his crew to make sure the ship is functioning properly and to see if any of the submarine’s systems are operational.

First Mate – The First Mate is in charge of maintaining the submarine’s systems. The second-in-command alerts the Captain of any operational systems and is also able to deploy any of the ship’s tracking systems.

Engineer – For every move the Captain makes, the Engineer has to make sure the ship remains in tip-top shape. Despite being called “state-of-the-art”, every move made damages the submarine. The Engineer has to alert to Captain if an area of the ship is about to take major damage.

Radio Operator – The Radio Operator has possibly the most stressful job of all: tracking the enemy submarine. By trying to listen in to the enemy Captain’s direction calling (which he/she must announce clearly and loudly), the Radio Operator must use their own map to try and pinpoint the enemy’s location.

Each submarine can take up to 4 damage before forever sinking. Sink the enemy sub to win the game.

The game gets more difficult the less players you have. Each position must be manned, so with less players, someone has to double duty.

But despite the stress, this game is extremely fun. There is no AI in this game, you always play against another player. And the way the other Captain deploys all of his/her functioning systems adds another layer of difficulty to the game.

With different Captains using different strategies and with different maps we’re given to use, this game can be played many times in many different ways.

And this is just the base game…there is an expansion that I still don’t own. That might mean more maps and scenarios!

Possible scenario:

Captain: We’re making a move west, then north.

Engineer: I highly advise we avoid moving north.

First Mate: With the move west, the torpedo is ready for launch.

Radio Operator: If we can move north just one more time, we got him! They’re surfaced!

Engineer: But we’ll suffer complete area breakdown if we move north again!

Captain: The reward is worth the risk! Move north!

Engineer: First Mate, we’ve taken self-sustained damage!

Radio Operator: It’s fine, I’m confident I got them!

First Mate: Damage recorded, torpedo is still ready.

Captain: STOP! Firing torpedo to M11!

Enemy Captain: MISS!


Captain Sonar can be found online or in gaming specialty stores. Base price is $49.99, but you might be able to find it cheaper.

I only own the base game, so after several more games, I hope it doesn’t get too easy or repetitive.

With what I have and the 3 games I have under my belt, I give this game 9 missed torpedo shots out of 10. I do highly recommend this game for big gaming gatherings.

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