Princess Evangile Review

With NaNoWriMo finally done and my brain recovered from the month-long grind, I’m back and ready to blog!

Today, I’ll be reviewing a Japanese Visual Novel called Princess Evangile.

Princess Evangile is a story of a teenage boy, Masaya Okonogi, who was being hunted down by a gang (known as The Goons) due to a massive debt accrued and passed down to him by his father. One night, while on the run, he hears a girl calling for help. After a collection of events, he finds himself living in a prestigious all-girls charm school, Vincennes Academy.

As the sole male “sample” amongst the Filles De La Vincennes (Maidens of Vincennes), he is tasked to mingle with the student population and promote gender integration. Naturally, the task is a difficult uphill battle.

With the help of newly made friends (which also consists of the girl he saved and a childhood friend), Masaya struggles to increase his popularity to garner a majority vote to allow him to remain at the school.

The only time you make a choice in the first 10 chapters is near the beginning, whether to help the girl or not. Even then, there are few moments where you will be asked to make a choice. The choices you make do affect how the game ends. Unfortunately, it tells you in the end how to get a better ending. I would have preferred they left it to the gamer to figure it out. I finished with a “bad end”, but it was still fun.

The storyline is wonderful. It mixes serious with humor very well, and if you think you know know what’ll happen or be said next, think again. I spent my entire playthrough laughing at myself being constantly proven wrong. It does contain plenty of Christianity references. If religious references bother you, this may not be your game.

The game can be found on Steam for $34.99. The version on Steam is an SFW (safe for work) version. The game is also sold on the publisher (MangaGamer) site. There is an NSFW (NOT safe for work) version also sold on the publisher page, if you choose to go that route.

I’ll eventually get to playing it again and aim for a better end. I did manage to make a save point after the first 10 episodes. As much as I love the storyline, I wouldn’t want to always go through the beginning to experience the different endings.

Amazing storyline, really detailed visuals, and a cast of great characters! I feel like I’m watching an anime more than playing a game. I give this game an 8/10. Love the anime feel, but I feel there needed to be a little more player interaction.

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