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Alright! Finally going to post something. And to get myself back into the rhythm of blogging again, I’ll be making a weekly post about the the things that happen over the week. And as always; it’ll mainly on the topic of technology and gaming, with a couple exceptions here and there. This weekly blog will mainly be about things that popped in my head and possible ranting every now and then, but I’ll try to keep the rant to a minimum. Also, Prepare for a spam of Gifs!
Now! Where to begin?

Intel i9 Processors

So Intel i9’s have been released for a while now. But, for some reason, I only heard of the i9’s this week. And my God… this thing is powerful! And very expensive…

I have an Intel i7 on my main Windows laptop that is mainly used for video game streaming/recording and an i5 on my Macbook pro that is mainly used for video and photo editing as well as some personal IT work. Swapping out my laptop’s i7 with an i9 will not only murder my wallet, can let me record and stream in 4K in buttery smooth 60 FPS with a lot more power left for the game I want to play. Maybe When I get enough money, I’ll build my first gaming PC with an i9… (Goodbye money)

Goodbye Money

Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch®

Now that the hype from the the Super Smash announcement has more or less died down, I think it is safe for me to talk about it.
Major Spoiler Warning for Breath of the Wild

For those that live under a rock, here is the video that was shown towards the end of the Nintendo Direct from March 8th, 2018

Now that everyone reading this blog is caught up, let’s talk about!

From the video, it is confirmed that the Splatoon Inklings are coming to the game as a playable character. as well as Mario (no duh…) and Link. But what interests me the most is that the Link for the Super Smash Brothers on the Switch is from the Switch game, “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. The reason it interests me is that Link in Breath of the Wild gains the champions’ ability after freeing their souls from their respective Divine Beasts. When Link conquer Divine Beast Vah Ruta, Link gain Mipha’s healing ability, Conquering Divine Beast Vah Medoh grants Link Revali’s ability: Revali’s Gale. Divine Beast Vah Naboris gives Link Urbosa’s Fury and Divine Beast Vah Rudania gives Daruk’s Protection. Since this Link is going to be in Smash, is the champions’ powers going to be present in the game? Maybe it’ll be RNG for the Final Smash that lets us use a random champion’s ability? Or maybe it’ll be part of the main moveset?

Now for the movesets for the Splatoon Inkling. In the game Splatoon and Splatoon 2, Inklings can be equipped with different types of weapons, each with its own sup weapon and special ability. Now for Smash, are we going to be seeing plenty of those weapons as movesets? and maybe RNG of the special ability for the final smash? Maybe we can gain wardrobe for the Inklings that can affect their performance in battle just like in Splatoon.

With every new Smash games and added Characters, there will be new stages to battle on. For sure we will see some kind of Final Destination stage that everyone will use to “settle their differences”. I have a good feeling we will see a couple Splatoon related maps, possible some match maps from Splatoon 2. But the big question is this: Will we see the Squid Sisters (Callie & Marie) and/or Off the Hook (Marina and Pearl) as part of the map? Maybe an npc character in the map or just a background element? They could be putting on a concert while the players battle.

These are all speculations and we will not know for sure until Nintendo releases more information as we get closer to the game’s official announcement and release. Until then; we’re just going to have to be patient and work off the speculations and rumors for now.


Whelp! That’s it for this week! Main stuff is for the Smash (can you tell?) since I’ve been thinking about it ever since the game was announced. So what do you think? Comment below your thoughts!

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