Anime Watch Party: Cells at Work!/Hataraku Saibō

Who knew an educational anime would be so much fun to watch? Where was this when I was in medical school? 😛

Cells at Work! (Hataraku Saibō) is an anime about how cells work in the human body. In this anime, we follow a Red Blood Cell new to her job.

Red Blood Cell making an oxygen delivery

Along the way, we meet other types of cells in the human body and learn each of the cell’s functions.

White Blood Cell
Don’t mess with the Killer T Cells!
Cute, little Platelets hard at work!

We also run into different kinds of germs and get to watch the cells of the immune system take them out!

Invading Pneumococcus germs
White Blood Cells to the rescue!

All in all, Cells at Work is a fun anime to watch. I definitely love the different personalities each cell is given. Some have personalities that match their functions very well, while others add a comedic value to the series.

I definitely wasn’t expecting Cells at Work to stay on my watchlist for long, but it ended up as one of the main series I watch each week!

You can watch Cells at Work on Crunchyroll, and I highly recommend you do!

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