TwitchCon 2018 – Day 1

Hello from TwitchCon!

I know I haven’t posted anything lately. Honestly couldn’t find anything to post about. But here I am!

TwitchCon Day 1 wasn’t very productive for me. I came yesterday to pick up my badge, but registration never mentioned anything about the medical sticker I needed. I assumed when they scan my barcode, my medical form would show up as well. I assumed wrong.

I had to stand in a separate line for medical for two hours today. In the heat. Among a ton of smokers. Not the best combination for someone asthmatic. It turned out the staff member they had running the line didn’t know what she was doing. It wasn’t until the person she replaced came back (about an hour and a half into the wait) and things started speeding up.

After getting a small sticker with a red cross on the corner of my badge, my party and I went in to find the founding members of my favorite Twitch stream channel, Hyper RPG. With help from the Hyper RPG chatroom, we found Zac and Malika in the tabletop area. Zac was GM/Game Master for a tabletop roleplay called 10 Candles with Malika and four other attendees. Like all 10 Candles RPs, every player died.

I got to chat a bit with Zac after the session. I’ll get to hang out with them and other Hyper RPG community members (also known as Thumpers) tomorrow afternoon for their Meet & Greet. Looking forward to that!

But that was pretty much all I did today. Standing outside in the heat surrounded by smoke kinda killed me today, so my party and I decided to head back to our hotel room to relax for the rest of the night. We plan to do a lot of walking and activities tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

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