Mobile Game Review – Emergency HQ

It’s a race against the clock! How fast can you dispatch your first responders and complete the mission? Today, I will be talking about a challenging, yet super fun game released by German developers, Promotion Software GmbH.

Emergency HQ in a strategy simulation game where you play the role of an emergency dispatch worker. Your job is to dispatch a team of first responders, depending on the mission you’re trying to complete. Once dispatched, you control the team of first responders by delegating their duties in a timely matter. Yes, time matters. If you’re not fast enough, a burning car can explode or an injured person may die, thus causing you to fail the mission. There is a handsome reward for successfully completing a mission.

Your mission today…

Emergency HQ is a single player game. Though, you can compete with other players globally by completing missions and earning League Points, which helps raise your league rank. If, by the end of the league season, you’re within promotion range, you move up a rank. If not, there’s a chance that you’ll be demoted.

Be the best in your league!

 Emergency HQ does have microtransactions, but they aren’t needed to actually play the game. You can purchase EMeralds to help speed up builds and upgrades, speed up the mission clock, or buy Coins (in-game currency used to build, train, and upgrade) or REP (in-game currency used to replay a mission). There are ways in-game to obtain EMeralds without spending actual money, though!

Oh no! In-app purchases!

 As you level, missions do get harder, and the rewards just don’t cover the cost needed to upgrade current buildings or build new ones for future missions. It also doesn’t help that you have to wait 30 minutes for a new mission, only to complete it in under 5 minutes, then having to wait again. As mentioned above, you can use your EMeralds to speed things up, but you’re better off just buying the Coins.


Mission board, with and without mission icons

I give this game 7 emergency sirens out of 10. I love the game for the challenge and replayability. But having to wait a crazy amount of time for missions and upgrades is a bit of a letdown. I do recommend this game to everyone, but make sure you have other things to do during the wait.

Emergency HQ is available for free in the Google Play and iOS app stores.

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