I’m moving!

Not moving physically, no. But just to my own personal blog page. It seems like my partners here have moved on, so I went ahead and created my own.

Every post I’ve made so far in 2020 has been copied over.

You can now find me at graphitehelix.wordpress.com

Hope to see you all there!

Light Novel First Impressions: The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap

Today, I’ll be giving my first impressions on the Light Novel “The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap”. Gotta love these lengthy titles!

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Light Novel First Impressions: By the Grace of the Gods

It’s been a while since I posted something here. Between GenCon and now, I’ve started reading many light novels between a light novel subscription app or simply buying them in Kindle form.

The light novel I’ll be reacting/reviewing today is a book released on the J-Novel Club app called By the Grace of the Gods.

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Random Blog | Gaming on an Apple MacBook *Gasp*

Yes. By the title of this post, I have been playing games on my Macbook pro! I know what you’re probably saying; “But wait JT! Macs are terrible for gaming!” or “There’s not that many games supported on a Mac,” or the classic, “Macs sucks, PC RULEZ!” Go ahead, let it out…

You done? No? Okay I”ll wait….



How about now? Sweet! Let’s move on!


So gaming on a Mac… First off, Why?

So the main reason I use my Mac for gaming is that it’s the only computer I own that is capable of running games. I did not have enough money to buy/build my own rig. The money I got to buy my Mac came from my College Financial aid. And I chose a Mac because I use Final Cut Pro X to edit videos (Yes I am thinking about starting a YouTube Channel… But soon…).


What MacBook do you use then? (a.k.a. Gimme them specs!)

So the MacBook I use is the 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch. I went with the mid-teir which contains the following:

Intel i7 6-core (Base clock @ 2.6GHz; Turbo Boost @ 4.3GHz)

Radeon Pro 560X with 4GB of GDDR5 memory dedicated graphics

16 Gigs of RAM

512 Gigs SSD storage

Price: Too Much


So… How do game on it and how is the experience?

As some of you may have mentioned earlier; There are not a lot of games that supports the Mac. And the ones that do are decent. So to get around this, I used Bootcamp to duel boot into windows. So that solves the problem of the lack of games. but as for the storage; Half a terabyte of storage may be a lot, but RAW photos and Video Editing (along with school work) can eat up a lot of storage. So decide to store all my games onto an external HDD. Yes it may be slower than the on board storage, but it’s so much cheaper (I got a 2 TB).

As for the experience, I would say that it ‘s basically the same as using a midgrade windows computer. Plug in a gamepad/ external Keyboard & mouse and it’s the same experience. Okay… maybe not exactly the same since the only ports I have to work with is 4 USB Type C. but you know what? Welcome to Dongle hell.

With my MacBook running Windows, I am able to get 60-70 FPS on most games. Like Fortnite and Overwatch. These are good things since these games tend to be demanding on the processor and graphics card. Now if I bump the graphics to high, I can get about 30 FPS. But because want my games to run at least 60 FPS (and no less), I can settle with medium quality.


So what do you think? Am i still an idiot for playing games on a MacBook? Need a tutorial on how I did it? Just want to say “hi”? Comment below!